Being one of the most important institutions involved in the production of official statistics of the country, the Bank of Lithuania compiles and publishes comprehensive financial statistics that comply with international standards and is comparable to the financial statistics of other EU Member States.

The Bank of Lithuania collects, compiles, publishes and provides statistical information on

  • MFI balance sheet and interest rates,
  • money and foreign exchange markets, securities,
  • payment instruments,
  • international reserves,
  • balance of payments and international investment position, external debt, and
  • quarterly financial accounts of institutional sectors.

The Bank of Lithuania, as a member of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), effectively contributes to the development, production and dissemination of European statistics that is necessary for the performance of the ESCB’s tasks.

International organisations, domestic and foreign financial institutions, scientists, financial analysts, politicians, journalists, students and the public at large extensively use financial statistics produced and disseminated by the Bank of Lithuania. Financial statistics information, reflecting the changing situation, is needed to analyse and forecast economic and financial developments.

As a member of the ESCB, the Bank of Lithuania develops, produces and disseminates statistics in compliance with the main principles laid down in the Public Commitment on European Statistics by the ESCB and applying the Policy regarding the reuse of ESCB statistics. The short information about the ECBS statistics is presented in the video Reliable source of European statistics.

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks (NCBs) of the Eurosystem have created a website “Our statistics”. The site aims to facilitate the understanding, use and comparison of euro area and national statistics. A key feature of the website is the “Share/embed” button, which enables users to easily share the statistics via e-mail or social media.

When publishing statistics, the Bank of Lithuania observes the Special Data Dissemination Standards. To produce statistics, the Bank of Lithuania exchanges statistical information with Statistics Lithuania and uses the data collected by other official statistics institutions.

In performing supervision of credit institutions, payment and electronic money institutions, insurance companies and participants of securities markets, as well as financial services and markets, the Bank of Lithuania also collects and publishes supervisory statistics, namely, financial reports and other data related to prudential supervision of these participants, financial services and markets supervision (see Supervision).

Updated 08/07/2015