Annual Report

Annual Report provides information on the basic tasks of monetary policy and their implementation, monetary policy operations, credit institutions supervision activities and other responsibilities established by the legislation as well as information on the national macroeconomic situation, such as analysis of the developments in the national economy and financial markets, and on the financial position of the Bank and the results of its activities.

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  • External Statistics

    The quarterly bulletin provides national quarterly and monthly balances of payments for the reporting year, information on official reserve assets, and data on the balances of international investment and total national external debt. The annual bulletin provides comprehensive statistical information on foreign trade, services, direct and portfolio investment and other external statistics data. Until 2008 the data was provided in the Balance of Payments of the Republic of Lithuania (quarterly and annual versions, available in the Publications Archive).


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  • Monthly Bulletin

    Monthly Bulletin presents development of key economic indicators, monetary statistics, statistics on monetary financial institutions balance sheet, loans, and deposit interest rates, loans by economic activity, interbank lending and currency markets, payment instruments, as well as data on GS primary market, official foreign exchange rates, etc.

    Note: Only electronic versions of the publication "Monthly Bulletin" will be published from 2012.

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  • Annual Financial Statements

    The publication provides the Annual Financial Statements of the Bank of Lithuania, that include balance sheet, profit (loss) statement and explanatory notes. Moreover, it provides independent auditor’s report on the annual financial statements submitted by the Bank of Lithuania.

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  • Financial Stability Review

    Financial Stability Review describes major risks that might affect functioning of the domestic financial system, particularly banking business. It also examines developments in both external and internal macroeconomic environments as well as their impact upon domestic financial system and capability of the latter to resist the said impact. Apart from developments in the banking system, considerable attention is paid to the condition of the banks’ debtors, non-financial institutions and households.

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  • Banking Statistics Yearbook

    The Yearbook provides monetary financial institutions balance sheet, monetary statistics, as well as statistics on currency and financial markets, also data on payment instruments, current account, capital account and financial account of the balance of payments, international investment position, foreign direct investment in Lithuania, and official reserve assets. It also provides some data on commercial banks, official exchange rates, and effective exchange rate index of the litas.

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  • Academic journal "Monetary Studies"

    Academic journal Monetary Studies publishes scientific and survey articles by Lithuanian and foreign authors on the development of economy, finance, money and banking, the simulation and forecasting of macroeconomic processes, as well as topicalities, scientific comments and reviews of scientific works. Articles for the publication are presented according to the Instructions for Authors. Every article is reviewed by two reviewers and is approved by the Editorial Board, which consists of Lithuanian and foreign scientists.

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    Working Paper Series

    Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are published to stimulate discussion and critical comments. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the Bank of Lithuania.
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  • Discussion Paper Series

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    Occasional Paper Series

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