Lithuanian Banknotes



Foreword (pdf 121 KB)   
The Lithuanian School of Currency Design (pdf 818 KB)  
Banknotes and Peculiarities of Their Composition (pdf 608 KB)  
Design Peculiarities of Lithuanian Banknotes (pdf 2,63 MB)  
One Litas Banknote (pdf 1,29 MB)  
Two Litas Banknote (pdf 3,05 MB)  
Five Litas Banknote (pdf 740 KB)
Ten Litas Banknote (pdf 1,14 MB)
Twenty Litas Banknote (pdf 799 KB)
Fifty Litas Banknote (pdf 864 KB)
One Hundred Litas Banknote (pdf 945 KB)
Two Hundred Litas Banknote (pdf 259 KB)
Five Hundred Litas Banknote (pdf 759 KB)
One Thousand Litas Banknote (pdf 761 KB)
Funny Banknotes (pdf 815 KB)
Banknote Designers (pdf 580 KB)

Vilnius: Lietuvos bankas. 2002, 244 p., lithuanian and english, Edition: 1,000 copies, ISBN 9986-651-31-X
Compiled by J.Galkus, Text by A.Dulkys, J.Galkus, Editorial board V.Aleksiejunas, N.Baltruniene, A.Dulkys, Designed by B.Leonavicius, Consultant A.Dulkys, Edited by R.Maciene, Translated by D.Augulyte, R.Lipinskas, D.Satiene, Translation edited by A.Gaizauskas.

The book reviews the peculiarities of banknote design and production, their history in the world and in Lithuania, mainly focusing on modern Lithuanian banknotes. Banknote composition, placement of artistic and security features and their interrelationship are discussed.

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