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Introducing the new Bank of Lithuania website

April 25, 2017

Today marks the launch of the new, modern and user-friendly Bank of Lithuania website – Here are some of its new features.

Easier browsing. The main menu of the new website is set up in such a way that lets target visitor groups find necessary information even faster – the navigation menu allows accessing third-level information with just a click of the mouse. The section Functions presents structured information on the functions and activities of the Bank of Lithuania: monetary policy, economic analysis and projectionsfinancial stabilitypaymentssupervision of financial market participantsfinancial assets managementcurrency and financial education.

Updated design. Individual webpages are created using block elements, which ensure dynamic, prompt, easy and appealing presentation of information. The website also features enhanced visual content (infographics, video) display options.

Mobile compatible. We implemented a responsive design; thus, unlike the old version of the website, the new one is compatible with different mobile devices.

Enhanced accessibility. The new version will allow people with disabilities to browse the website more easily.

Convenient access to services offered to residents. All services provided to residents by the Bank of Lithuania are enlisted in the section Services to residents, providing an easy access to related information and allowing you to:

  • solve a dispute with a financial institution;
  • find information on your financial liabilities and check your credit history;
  • give up your right to consumer credit;
  • exchange litas into euro free of charge;
  • exchange worn euro banknotes;
  • purchase commemorative and collector coins;
  • find information on payment service baskets and compare service fees.

Custom-built search engine for financial institutions. Using the search engine linked with underlying databases, visitors will be able to easily find basic information on banks, credit unions, insurance undertakings, payment and electronic money institutions as well as other entities under supervision. The search results will provide information on the type of licence of a specific market participant, indicating the activities that they may engage in, as well as on disputes between the financial institution and consumers and sanctions for violations imposed by the Bank of Lithuania.

Upgraded presentation of statistics. Now the statistics section is more tailored to meet user needs:

To help you better understand statistical data, we present comprehensive methodologies. The user is informed about the publication of data and its revisions in advance.

Special space for financial market participants. In the section For financial institutions, market participants supervised by the Bank of Lithuania will find the reporting calendar, reporting forms, supervisory decisions and information on applicable enforcement measures. Here you will also find information on the process of setting up a financial institution or obtaining a licence.

We created a section dedicated specifically to the media, presenting the latest news stories, commentaries by Bank of Lithuania economists, interviews with its employees and a photo gallery.

For a limited time, the old version of the website will be available here.