Financial Stability

The financial system, especially commercial banks, constitutes an important link in the chain of the Lithuanian economy. Only a stable financial system can guarantee efficient reallocation of resources thereby contributing to the long-term price stability and the growth of domestic economy.


Financial stability reviews published by the Bank of Lithuania, surveys of financial institutions and households as well as working papers and presentations related to financial stability help to comprehensively conceive and predict both internal and external threats arising to the financial system of Lithuania. In addition to that, regular stress testing conducted by the Bank of Lithuania helps to assess the capability of the said system to withstand the unfavourable impact of internal and external threats.     

We seek to encourage discussions on the issues of financial stability between financial market participants, economists and all those interested in financial markets.  We hope that, on the basis of the submitted information and recommendations, market participants will be able to better prepare for the threats the financial system confronts with and manage them more adequately. 


Updated 30/12/2014